"HET EINDE VAN DE ZON" 2014. mixed media on canvas. 100x100cm.

"DANGEROUS DANCE" 2016. mixed media on canvas. 97x130cm.

'FOR THE TIME BEING" 2014-2016. mixed media on canvas. 97x130cm.

"L'HISTOIRE SE REPETE " 1990. Oil on canvas. 220x180cm. (Lost Painting)

" PORTRET OF A POET" 2010. oil on canvas. 100x100cm

"SEA OF MEMORY" mixed media on canvas. 2015. 80x120cm

"RITE DE PASSAGE" oil and acryl on canvas. 97x130cm. 2014

1 "MOTHER AND DAUGHTER" 2003. oil on canvas.120x120cm.

2."MOTHER AND DAUGHTER" 2003. oil on canvas. 120x120cm.

"SOLACE DOUBLED" 2005. oil on canvas. 120x120cm.

"IN MEMORIAM EVA" 2010. oil on canvas. 80x80cm.

MADEMOISELLE REVISION. oil on canvas 2004. 200x200cm

THE ETERNAL SONG 1984 . oil on canvas 200x225cm.

Painting 1991.Oil on canvas. "Delta Fabeldier" 120x120cm.Collectie Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem.

Painting 2006. Oil on canvas. 200 x200 cm. "Pandore preparing hope"

Painting 1988. "Dutch Boulevard" Oil on canvas. 148,50 x 148,50 cm. Collectie Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem.